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Our teachers make no secret of the fact that they are also learning alongside their students, and that globally we all need to learn more about our environment. By cultivating a love for nature, we hope to inspire our students to greater environmental responsibility in the future.

One of the practical ways we instil this attitude is through replanting our native bush with students. This gives them a lived experience of kaitiakitanga (guardianship of the land) and opens doors to discussing our site's history as an ancient Maori pa.

Our students can apply their outdoor learning knowledge and skills to many other aspects of life, giving them a deeper, richer educational experience. We hope they will cherish this time outdoors for years to come.

"Teaching children about the natural world should be seen as one of the most important events of their lives" - Thomas Berry, cultural historian.

Once a fortnight, in all weathers, each of our classes embarks on exploratory, adventurous activities in our natural woodland area and forest playground, in addition to taking their classroom learning outdoors.

Den-building, collecting natural objects, making art, designing mazes, creating bug hotels, and climbing trees are just some of the ways students can take part. Classes might also take their curriculum learning in reading, writing, maths, science etc out into the natural world.

Akomanga Ngahere is a flexible, student-led learning approach that fosters collaboration, problem-solving, self-reflection, and self-regulation.

Together with their teacher, students learn how to assess and balance risks and benefits, stretch their personal comfort zones, and develop physical, emotional and social skills.

We encourage students to act as 'nature detectives', using curiosity and creative thinking to understand more about their world. And as our Akomanga Ngahere programme runs year-round, students can observe the effects of the changing seasons on familiar landscapes.

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